Keeping it Fresh: Long Live the Small Trucker

The small trucker is tremendously important to the supply chain and the entire U.S. economy.  Small carriers – those with less than 50 trucks-bring almost 600,000 trucks to the marketplace according to numbers compiled by Avery Vise that are from the FMCSA.  These are trucks that travel more than 100 miles per delivery and does not count local delivery trucks.  These smaller carriers represent 42% of the carriers available.  Carriers with nine trucks or less supply 315,000 trucks to the marketplace, which is as much capacity as the truck lines with more than 1,000 trucks in their fleets.  Small carriers are the blood cells coursing through the veins of this nation, delivering everything we need for a civilized society.  They never get their full due and they are constantly harassed by over-regulation and tough working conditions.  They are resilient and strong and we should all remember them during this holiday time for the hard work they do to keep all the Christmas gifts and food for holiday meals heading to their destinations.  To view the entire article click here.