Ports and Progression (Part 2)

White truck on the road under blue skyMoving it Forward: Ports and Progression (Part 2)

The domino effect of the Los Angeles and Long Beach Port continues to be analyzed. As one party’s need became a right, another party steped forward with callous disagreements. As this nine month process of blame casting and stalling progressed, vessels have been anchored offshore for days, product has been delayed to the point that many commodities could not be delivered at all. Even after a ship is docked, unloading has been delayed. After it has been unloaded, loading trucks out of the ports has been delayed. Carriers dispatched to ports for pick up have had to deal with delays that in some cases have increased from hours to days of delay. Costs for shipping, drayage, and transloading have increased. Rail lines, BNSF in particular, have announced moratoriums on port service because of the cost to the rail line for the delays in unloading export freight and reloading imported goods. Imported goods were diverted to other West Coast ports at first until the ILWU actions affected them as well. To continue reading click here.

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