My favorite drink growing up was an ice-cold glass of lemonade, covered with condensation even in an air-conditioned kitchen. This was before I discovered seltzer water, my new muse. I don’t ever think lemonade will be that far out of grasp from my palate. Local food chains, grocers, retailers, and even gas stations will have at least one sugary lemon-based beverage for sale. Beyond that, you can purchase beautiful lemons at your local grocery store. Fresh produce is something our country, our farmers, and our company prides themselves on being able to deliver to every family. Any time I want, I can quickly make a pitcher of lemonade to enjoy when the need calls. But, what if that wasn’t true? What if lemons were no longer able to be easily grown due to pests, pestilence, or persistent weather? I suppose we could always use limes, but it wouldn’t be quite the same. That’s a problem.

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