November 19, 2020, Issue 212

As many companies have acknowledged, for better or for worse, 2020 has become a battleground for produce companies. It’s no secret, produce does move the freight market. It has the strongest pull on rates, hot and cold parts of the country, and if you’ve forgotten what month it is, chances are you can just reference what produce is being yielded in our great country. So, what happens when you have ten, twenty, or even fifty excellent farms to supply pears and apples to Walmart? How does a consumer decide between a select set of professional farmers’ products? The answer is short, and now it’s even colorful: Packaging. 

If you’re someone who has the pleasure of working in the supply chain industry, maybe a budding broker, or an opportunistic owner/operator, you know how important packaging supplies are! One of the most fast-paced, vital, and common commodities is and always will be packaging. I remember searching high and low for good cardboard, or plastic packaging manufacturers with the promises of endless freight. So, how has this changed in the last few years to today?

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