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America’s Truckers to the Rescue

Two months ago, if anyone had brought up the Coronavirus or COVID-19 we would have looked at them like a deer in the headlights and wondered what they were talking about. Two weeks ago, if we suggested that most non-essential businesses, bars, restaurants, major airlines, and entire cities would be quarantined or closed, who would have believed it? America is in a crisis mode and once again, it is the American trucker that is coming to the rescue.
America owes carriers and especially the drivers that are out there on the front lines a load of gratitude. Delivering emergency supplies to hospitals, food stores, first responders, and warehouses would be a logistical improbability without these dedicated drivers. In many cases, these are the same men and women that rescue America from other disasters such as hurricanes, fires, and floods by bringing needed supplies to the front lines.
President Trump called the coronavirus pandemic a war that we will win by everyone working together to defeat this enemy. We, in the transportation industry, have the honor of working with the drivers that are instrumental in defeating this enemy. This is a great time to thank the drivers for their service and dedication to supplying essential services and supplies.
Thank you to all the drivers from a grateful nation!

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