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The Assistant Project Coordinator reports directly to the Project Manager, works closely with the Project Coordinator, and as necessary with the Branch Managers and other Sales and Operations employees routinely to accomplish assigned projects. This position is responsible for the timely and accurate handling of the RFP (Request for Proposal) process, including the following:

¨ RFP Support:

· Coordinate the gathering of RFP information with Sales Representatives and Branch Managers.

· Develop and disburse bid packages to participating offices using established guidelines

· Answer questions from offices regarding the RFP. Professionally communicate and problem-solve issues arising from the RFP process.

· Serve as a resource for bidding processes; as requested by National Account Managers, Branch Managers, and other sales personnel; this may include but not limited to, customer research, data compilations, special analysis projects, etc.

· Utilize established programs to identify suspect RFP rates. Communicate anomalies with the offices.

· Work with the sales representatives to analyze rates and ensure the company enters the most effective RFP possible.

· Reformat rates into the version necessary to send to the customer and verify for accuracy. If the customer requires the rates to be uploaded online, the Project Assistant will upload the rates and check for accuracy.

· Update RFP progress records and prepare monthly status reports to be sent to managers.

· Work with the Project Coordinator to enhance the bidding process by evaluating ideas presented by others within the company as well as their own ideas for improvement.


¨ Project Development Support:

· Use excellent customer service skills to establish and maintain effective working relationships with Branch Managers, National Account Managers, project committees, and all internal/external customers.

· Provide administrative support to the Project Manager and Project Coordinator; producing a variety of routine and complex clerical, administrative, and technical work in the support of projects.

· Prepare project material; printed, online, and computer-based.

· Utilize proficiency in Microsoft Excel to respond to employee questions.