Operations Manager, Plymouth, MN

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  Assist Manager with Fiscal Responsibilities:  

• Set and track office budget

• Set and track financial goals

• Collection efforts to ensure timely and complete payment of all transactions

• Involvement in the quarterly bonus distribution process.


Assist Office in New Customer Acquisition: 

• Support sales personnel in their efforts to contact new customers as appropriate

• Provide input for systems/processes for effective prospect identification, qualification, and management

• Work with the manager in the development of a strategic plan to acquire, track and communicate effectively with new customers

• Assist in the bid process

• Carry out strategies through prospect contact, proposal development and presentation, effective follow-up, and account management

• Call on customers, as needed, to establish business relationships.


Maximize Capacity of Current Customer Base: 

• Assist manager to analyze current customer market share, trends, etc. and develop plans to address growth opportunities

• In conjunction with manager, transportation brokers, and sales personnel, develop customer profiles and analysis of customer histories

• Work with the manager, transportation brokers, and sales personnel, to maximize the capacity of the current base of customers through ongoing sales meetings and strategy sessions

• Assist transportation brokers and sales personnel in maximizing customer’s capacity through customer meetings, proposals, and presentations as needed

• Support transportation brokers and sales staff in their efforts to call on customers as needed.


Customer Retention: 

• Assist manager in the development of business plans (individual and global)

• Participate in activities such as monthly/quarterly/annual meetings with customers; social/relationship-building activities (i.e. lunches, events, communication through emails, cards, calls) as appropriate

• Assist manager in the development of ongoing marketing efforts, coordinated with Corporate Marketing personnel.

Claims Management:

• Assist in negotiations with carriers and shippers/receivers to arrive at an amicable solution for all.


General Office Management: 

• Assist manager with the overall efficiency, maintenance, and appearance of the office

• Suggest types of merchandise, materials, supplies, and equipment for office

• Assist manager in ensuring office equipment is in good working order and employees have necessary supplies and business tools

• Assist manager to ensure office meets all safety requirements as well as compliance to all state and federal laws.