Logistics coordinators facilitate the on-time delivery of FOB purchased shipments. They provide a knowledge base for all parties in the shipment of perishable and non-perishable products. Because of the nature of the job, logistics coordinators are frequently required to address problems outside of the normal work hours. The job is varied and requires a great deal of discretion and independent thought. Therefore an exact description cannot be standardized. However, logistics coordinators must have special training, experience and expertise in the following areas:

¨     Federal Regulations

Have a working knowledge of the federal regulations that encompass the trucking industry so as not to jeopardize the drivers, the customers, or the business by breaking any laws that govern this industry.

¨     Customer Service

Develop relationships with the buyers, operating companies (OPCO’s), core carriers and Allen Lund Company branch offices in order to effectively facilitate the on-time delivery of FOB purchased shipments, reduce freight costs and improve efficiency for Ahold USA; in addition, Logistics Coordinators will work directly with AUSA Logistics on their initiatives to maximize efficiencies and reduce overall spend on transportation.

¨    Carrier Coordination

Duties include but are not limited to carrier solicitation and selection, tracking and tracing of shipments and problem resolution.

¨     Rate Negotiation & Freight Value Allocation

Have up to date personal knowledge of market freight rates in order to determine a “fair” price to pay trucks and charge shippers. Improper negotiation could result in a loss of income for the business (ALC), excessive charges for the shipper, or insufficient revenue for the trucker. Allocate freight values to specific PO’s in the Foodlink online system and Biceps system. This has major repercussions to the OPCO’s if done improperly.

¨     Loading Procedures

Have specific knowledge regarding product compatibility and shipping requirements for dry loads and temperature requirements and maintenance when handling produce loads. Improper loading procedures could result in damaged or refused product and thousands of dollars in unusable product for the carrier and the shipper. This could also lead to lost sales revenue for both the receiver and the business (ALC) and may increase liability expenses incurred by the business.

¨     After Hours Contact

Working an on-call rotation that includes after-hours contact by both carriers and customers. In order to be of assistance to after hours callers the logistics coordinator must possess specific knowledge acquired through months and years of experience.

¨     Claims Management

Negotiate with carrier and shipper/receiver to arrive at an amicable solution for all parties involved, often having to invent the appropriate solution for the satisfaction of all. The solution for the various claims is rarely the same.

¨     Special Skill Requirements

Expert knowledge of Biceps, Oracle, and Foodlink online system. Continuing industry education to accommodate the implementation of additional departments within AUSA.