Internships teach Centerville Students Skills for in-demand Careers

Many high school students sling French fries or ring up sales at a local mall for extra summertime cash, but senior Makala Rubin of Centerville’s School of Possibilities built a career for herself this summer.

Rubin interned at the Allen Lund Company, a transportation and logistics broker, building shipments and calling truck companies all day to find that one lucky driver who would accept her rate.

“You try to bargain with them a little bit like I can give you $1,100. And they’ll be like, ‘No, I can’t do that.’ And then you’ll be like, ‘Well, my max is $1,200. That’s the most I can do,’” she explained in a video on the School of Possibilities’ website. “Sometimes they get rude or sometimes they get mad.” Continue reading here.