Robots in the Warehouse

The term robot was introduced into the international lexicon in 1921 with the publication of Karel Capek’s play R.U.R. This play also introduced the concept in science fiction in which the robots become increasingly irritated with their human masters and form rebellions aimed at the extinction of the human race. Some traces of these fears may tingle the nerves or raise the hairs on your arms as you hear about the increasing use of robots in the industrial world. The fear of artificial intelligence or simply the fear that robots will replace humans in many job slots and thereby eliminate the need for human employees is not all that uncommon today. When we speak of automation these days, it is not just automatic replenishment systems, conveyors or bar-code scanners and sorters. We are talking task performing robots that can get anywhere in the warehouse, pull orders, and in some cases package the product and load the truck.

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