Moving it Forward: Walt Disney’s Outlook on Life and Work

I was recently blessed with being able to take a two week vacation which I spent, along with my beautiful wife and kids, at Walt Disney World. I went down there hoping to find a respite from the hustle and bustle of my business and social life at home, but more importantly I was also hoping that my family would find some time to just be themselves and enjoy the fantasy that Walt Disney created not only in his lifetime but by his legacy after the fact. A few things have hit me in the past two weeks. Walt Disney seemed to be guided by only a few principles in his work life. 1) He saw the toll his work schedule took on his family and wanted to create a place where parents could enjoy a time away from work with family. 2) He wanted to do something he enjoyed day in and day out. And, 3) He wanted to create something great with a team. To view the full article click here.