Let’s talk about the CA Drought, or maybe the PMA Foodservice Expo – Under the Big Top

As I headed for Monterey this past week, I had a deadline looming – writing this weeks issue of ALC’s Keeping it Fresh…I thought I would produce a piece updating the status of the drought in California.  I had all my source material from the LA Times to Blue Prints. However, once I landed in Monterey I changed my mind…  Always a writer’s option.
PMA’s Foodservice Expo took place in Monterey this past week, however not in the usual location of the Monterey Conference Center adjacent to the Wharf, but at the Hyatt Regency Monterey, housed under a huge tent.  The tent enabled PMA to expand exhibitors by approximately 40 grower/shippers, as the Monterey Conference Center undergoes a face-lift.  The Sunday Expo had a different, larger and very festive atmosphere. To continue reading click here.