Moving it Forward-Safely

The casual motorist on the highway may observe some of the obvious changes to truck technology such as trailer tails, wind fairing, blades, wings and slick tires which make the 18 wheel rig more aerodynamic and fuel efficient. However, the average person driving to work is probably not aware of the new big rig safety technology designed to make the road and all drivers more secure. There are some exciting safety features now available to the purchasers of big rigs. Upon reading articles about vehicle safety systems, I found some discussing several mechanical improvements such as radar guided automatic braking, camera guided lane adherence, vehicle to vehicle communication, radar cameras to help trucks stop earlier, cameras that will help alert dozing drivers when their truck swerves, rear backup cameras, parallel parking systems in addition to anti-lock brakes. There are also reports on the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association demonstration held on May 17th, in which attendees were able to observe and even ride along to get a first hand glimpse at some of the new safety equipment manufacturers have invented. To continue reading click here.