Moving it Forward: Mr. Uber Driver…Where’s My Load of Strawberries and When Will it Deliver?

I recently had a conversation with an Uber driver and after some small talk he asked me what I thought about the “uber-ization” of the trucking and freight brokerage industry.  My first response was to shrug it off as a passing fad.  Just another Millennial pipe dream, I thought, about how the coming generation is plotting to replace my outdated institutions and ways of thinking.  As the week passed and my curiosity piqued, I found myself jumping on the web to see if my initial response was supported by any facts.  I wondered, is my industry truly at the doorstep of disruption by younger generations who are equipped with technology as a birthright and social media as a foundation?  If an Uber truck was going to run me over, I wanted to at least see it coming.
They say that the only constant is change and there is no reason to believe that the coming generations won’t influence the workplace and how industries evolve.  Forbes reports that by 2025, Millennials will become 75% of the global workforce and they already make up about one in every three employees in the United States.  As our friends over at Bridgeworks have found, 70% of Millennials believe working from an office is unnecessary, so obviously attitudes toward the work world, as I know it, are changing. To continue reading click here.