FItBitCompletionin Atlanta.2016
The Allen Lund Company at the Dacula Memorial Day Parade, finishing our 40,000 steps.

We did it!

Our company was aggressively challenged to log 40k miles by Memorial Day and we successfully logged 40,341 miles.

Our competitive group did not disappoint; our top 5 logged +500 miles each!

We walked to work, ran marathons, 10k’s and 5k’s. We biked, strolled, did laps around the conference room; we did whatever it took to reach our 40k miles.

Partnering with Health Now Administrative Services, we used the Fitbit app to make participation fun and easy.

Giving back, we are providing a disabled veteran the ability to get up and go anywhere outside! Partnering with The Independence Fund, supporting their mobility program, Friday June 3rd we will donate $16,000 that will provide a track chair and trailer to a disabled veteran.

We all won on this challenge!