Keeping it Fresh: Texas Produce and the Growing Demand

Spend a few days driving around South Texas in the springtime, and from Uvalde to McAllen you will find field after field of crops being grown; corn, wheat, spinach, onions and cabbage are everywhere.  You will even find citrus groves and green bean fields by the mile.  Texas vegetable production alone has an annual economic impact of $439 million, with 248,800 farms covering over 130.2 million acres.
You would easily believe that Texas grows more produce/vegetables than the state’s population can consume, however, you would be wildly mistaken.  Texas is a net importer of vegetables, and imported more than 7.5 billion pounds of vegetables in 2014.  Acreage devoted to vegetables has dropped since 2004, and there are a multitude of reasons for the decline in vegetable production.  A few reasons are: lack of cultivators suited to production conditions, pest, and disease problems. To continue reading click here.