White truck on the road under blue sky

Moving it Forward: Where have the Rates Gone?

In the few years I have been working at Allen Lund, I have seen wild fluctuations in the rates common to our industry. From the outrageous rates trucks were demanding in 2014 to the low rates shippers are demanding today.  These are more than the typical seasonal swings we see as nursery and produce waxes and wanes, more so they seem to be caused by a fluctuation in the supply and demand of regulated freight and lower fuel prices.  We hear the phrases “buyer’s market” and “seller’s market” all the time describing the housing market.  For us in the transportation industry the phrase is the same only with carriers and shippers as the qualifiers.  Currently it is the shippers that are at the helm, and they are driving the cost of moving freight in their favor. To continue reading click here.