Wagon in the Wind

A quick story from a not so experienced, and not so knowledgeable person inside the trucking world, and the entire industry that surrounds it. Why then was I asked to put in my two cents; a fresh perspective, a thought from the other side?
I confess to messing around with my dad’s CB radio that was always on back in the day, not understanding the content of conversation, but intrigued all the same. Maybe I thought “Checkpoint Charlie” and “Mamma Bear” were friends of his, or that “Pickle Park” and the “Chicken Coop” were magical destinations, allowing me the imagination that the trucking industry was one cool place to be. Funny, that hitting the fast forward button I would see myself talking to truckers every day, but not in a pretend world, in the real one. With real names such as John, Gene, Ray or Walter. To continue reading click here.

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