White truck on the road under blue sky
The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is in the process of testing a Wireless Roadside Inspection system. Currently, drivers pull over at weigh stations for mandatory checks, however, proposed electronic inspections will automatically collect compliance-related data on carriers without the need for a physical stop.
The WRI research project is currently in its third phase, and will hopefully be completed in 2017. Upon successful completion, it is possible that in the future there will be no physical stops required, and inspectors at check points will electronically receive information, such as a driver’s hours of service. The auditors will subsequently send the data to the government, and the driver will continue on his or her way at roadway speed. Drivers will only need to pull over for inspection when specifically requested. Trucks will be able to send compliance information multiple ways. Using mobile phone (Commercial Mobile Radio Services), Wi-Fi (Dedicated Short Range Communication), or Universal Identification, such as license plate readers. As the internet continues to evolve, it is imperative that carriers have the proper software and infrastructure capable of supporting such devices. Carriers and shippers with fleets will want to retain that data in a TMS or FMS to protect themselves and their SAFER Ratings. To continue reading click here.