Spring is Here


Keeping it Fresh: Spring is Here

As the temperature begins to rise in Arizona, snowbirds will not be the only thing on the move. Every spring, like clockwork, lettuce growers & shippers make the journey up to the Salinas Valley. They will remain in Salinas until November and then make the trip back down to Yuma. This move takes intense planning and includes everything from the harvest equipment to the wash lines in the plant.  Around 85% of the country’s leafy greens come from Yuma and Salinas.
The companies have this move to a science; typically taking under sixty hours to complete the entire process.  With no time to waste, they harvest up to the last minute and immediately begin to wash and load the equipment. They take all the processing and washing equipment apart, and load it onto a specific truck, leaving an empty warehouse behind. These moves are high priority and need to be completed in a very small window of time. But surprisingly, the most important factor is caution to prevent any damage to equipment which can bring the project to a halt. To continue reading click here.

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