Carrier Connection: The Toll on Truckers 

Road tolls are becoming more and more of a reality.  It seems that along with a great air-ride seat, a reliable turbo, and a comfortable sleeper, an EZ-Pass or FasTrack is starting to become mandatory equipment on any heavy truck.  With the rise of more efficient truck engines, motor carriers are buying less fuel today than they were 10-15 years ago. From engines getting 5 or 6 mpg, we now see numbers up to and over 7 mpg. While most owner-operators and fleet managers welcome the improved efficiency, local and state governments are wringing their hands over the lost revenue.  With less fuel being bought, per-gallon tax revenues are falling. Some states are starting to look at tolls to build up their piggy banks. With companies like Daimler trying to build a 12 mpgSuperTruck, the tolling problem only seems to worsen. To continue reading click here.