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Morning it Forward: Customer Service Article Part II

A little over two years ago I wrote an article on Customer Service and Truck Brokering, using “The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence” book, as my source.
After revisiting the article and reviewing the book again, I see that I missed mentioning a very important, maybe the most important initial subject discussed in the introduction, humility. In the Introduction, Erik Nordstrom was quoted, “You need to be humble to do service.” A question then arises: why be humble? Or how do you become humble?  The answer to these questions are derived by understanding that someone gave you something without merit and in turn you are humbled. “The moment you think you’re really good at it, is when you’re not really good at it. If you are connected to the customer, the customer keeps you humble because we’re not perfect at it. If you are really looking to the customer, if you’re really sensitive to the customer and sensitive to the people on the frontline, you are aware of your shortcomings. That keeps us focused on the things that are necessary in order to give customer service.” So as our customers give us business and drivers haul our freight, we need to be mindful that we didn’t have either before we started. Both customers and drivers are putting their trust in us to fulfill their needs. Humility and responsibility are very closely related. To continue reading click here.