The Allen Lund Company announces the certification of Richard Rathbun as a Cargo Claim Professional (CCP) by Cargo Claims Professional Accreditation Council (CCPAC). By completing a comprehensive examination as well as providing creditable work and education experience you can achieve CCP. “This certification is pretty tough to achieve. I independently studied 25 topics for which they would test for nearly 6 months,” stated Rich Rathbun. “Thank you for Allen Lund Company’s support in my efforts to become certified by CCPAC as a Cargo Claim Professional.”

Paul Brunelli, Manager of the Rochester Office stated, “Rich has worked hard in studying for this course. Not only has Rich achieved this accomplishment for his own professional growth, but his intentions are to help and assist ALC with claims and insurance policies, defining its interpretations, which certainly can present loopholes to our carriers. His expertise in this field can only provide strength for ALC in years to come.” Bill Bess, Director of Carrier Development added “Due to your efforts to be certified as a Claims Professional you will be a valuable asset.”

Rich RRich Head Shotathbun came to Allen Lund Company in 2003, after nearly 20 years working in logistics related roles as a Traffic and Shipping Manager. He is currently the Operations Manager for the Rochester NY Office. Rathbun achieved accreditation in cargo claims by the Certified Claims Professional Accreditation Council in 2015 as a means to bring exceptional quality to every facet of the Allen Lund Company’s commitment to its customers.