Veterans Day

Allen Lund Company 2015 Veterans Day Salute

Today, November 11, 2015 is Veterans Day. This day is set aside to commemorate the loss and sacrifice of all Americans who have served in the US military. It has been an Allen Lund Company tradition to recognize our employees, family and friends that have given so much to protect and preserve our great country. This tribute is available on the intranet.
What is fascinating is the list includes veterans from all the major wars and conflicts. We have all branches of the service covered and our ALC Veterans have served all over the world. Notice the many awards that were received for valor and service that our Lund Veterans were awarded.
As you review the list of Veterans remember the families and friends that supported their loved ones as they served. We have many that didn’t make it back home that paid the ultimate price for our freedom. There are thousands that will have to live the rest of their lives with injuries sustained in the line of duty. We have so much to thank Veterans for. Today is a reminder that the freedoms that we enjoy today were not free but rather paid forward by the sacrifices of our American Soldiers.
A special thanks to all of our contributors that continue to make this tribute more meaningful every year.
God Bless our Veterans and God Bless America