Fighting the System—Round 11


Keeping it Fresh: Fighting the System—Round 11

More than a dozen years ago the first lawsuits were filed by personal injury lawyers seeking money from shippers, transportation brokers, receivers and anyone else they could name when an accident occurred involving a big rig.  It is the equivalent of suing a travel agent in the event of a plane crash.  Unfortunately, the courts and juries agreed that there could be some possible liability because of new information published online by the FMCSA.  Never mind that the information is unreliable, drastically incomplete, variable by state and proven to be statistically irrelevant when trying to predict future accidents.  The data was there and the “public” needed to be protected.  Those at risk in the supply chain have tried several things to get relief.  The transportation industry as a whole, including our own company have petitioned the FMCSA to take the scores down, talked to congressional leaders, sat on committees, written letters, filed lawsuits and yet we are still at risk because of REALLY bad information that continues to be made public by the FMCSA. To continue reading click here.

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