Carrier Connection: Proper Paperwork Leads to Payment

Paperwork!  How important is paperwork? It turns into payment for everyone involved. We often forget how important getting the correct paperwork is.  In this fast paced world, we want to get that sale, move the product, and get paid.  We have to remember not having correct paperwork can lead to big headaches for everyone involved, and not getting paid.  We all want to be paid for the services we provide. It starts with the consignor, or as some call it the shipper. The person or firm who delivers the consignment to a carrier for transporting product to the consignee, or receiver.

How do we make sure we have the correct paperwork?  It starts off with the Bill of Lading (BOL).  The consignor or shipper signs the BOL and gives to the driver once the product is loaded.  The driver then signs BOL, and off he goes to the consignee, or receiver.  Once the product is received the consignee signs the BOL which then turns into the Proof of Delivery (POD).  How easy is that?  Three signatures! To continue reading click here.