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Interview with Kenny Lund from

Part I – Allen Lund Co.: Reasons for Flat CA Produce Trucking Rates

Many folks involved in fresh produce transportation are wondering what is going on in California.  Despite the state growing and shipping about one-half of the nation’s fruit and vegetables, rates have remained relatively flat during the heaviest volume period of the year. To continue reading part one click here.

Part II – Allen Lund Co.: Freight Rates Not Keeping Up with Costs

Kenny Lund doesn’t argue with the American Trucking Associations annual study, American Trucking Trends, which shows independent truckers and leased owner operators making $56,167 on average in 2014, which was 7 percent more income than the previous year.  However, the vice president of operations for the Allen Lund Company, a third party logistics provider, says freight rates still aren’t increasing enough and operating costs are high. To continue reading part two click here.