Keeping it Fresh: Desalination and the Drought

You may be tired of hearing about the drought, reading about the drought, and worrying about the drought – but you might as well get used to it. It is one of the biggest issues, if not the biggest issue, facing California today. Not only is California one of the most populated states in the nation but let’s not forget where 80% or so of the nation’s produce comes from. The drought is nothing new to California; in fact we have lived in varying percentages of water deficit year after year, for decades. There is some irony, since California butts right up to the Pacific Ocean. Despite the duration of the drought problem and the inherent and growing danger to the environment, fire safety, commerce, agriculture and everything in-between, somehow California’s politicians and government have still managed to direct valuable funds anywhere and everywhere but to this issue; which brings up the topic of sea water desalination. To continue reading click here.