CarrierConnect_header2_2Carrier Connection: The Beginning of the Interstate Highway System

In 1941, President Roosevelt appointed a special committee to explore the idea of a”national inter-regional highway” system. The technology of trucks, with newer engines, transmissions and suspensions was advanced enough that long haul transportation was not only feasible but becoming a national need. The committee had all of the ideas lined up and then, as it so often happens, failed to come up with a way to pay for it.  The idea languished until 1954 when it was resurrected by President Eisenhower. The process for implementation was still wrangling over who would benefit and who would pay for the highway system. Finally, the project got rolling with a 1 cent per gallon tax on gas and oil products. All things were a go until the “human factor” reared its ugly head. There was so much fraud that the Interstate System was known as, “our great big highway bungle”. Graft of all kinds, payoffs for right of ways as well as highway diversions began to creep into the project raising the costs dramatically. To continue reading click here.