CarrierConnect_header2_2Carrier Connection: The Wacky World of Fluctuating Freight Rates

As a transportation broker, much of my day is spent searching for available trucks, and negotiating a rate with the shipper and myself that the carrier will agree upon.  A typical negotiation will start with me explaining all the parameters of the load; from pick-up and delivery locations, weight, delivery times, temperatures, and finally my offer for what we will pay them to move the load.  Let’s say I’m offering the carrier $1,000.00 to move a load; if all the other parameters of the load match their needs, I’m hoping they either take the rate, or worse case, come back at with me with $1,050.00 or $1,100.00 counter-offer something I would consider reasonable. But all too often these days, I’m hit with something like “we can do that one for $1700;” and I wonder, where in the world did that rate come from?! To continue reading click here.