Moving it Forward – Truck Efficiencies Driving Change

Anyone who drives our streets and highways, and is at least somewhat observant, has surely noticed the change in appearance of the trucks moving to and fro, delivering the goods keeping us fed and clothed.

Many readers will recall a time when most of the trucks on the road were COE’s (cab over engine tractors).  Those flat-nosed behemoths were the backbone of most fleet operations through the 70’s and 80’s.  Known by many drivers as “widow-makers” because the driver had almost no protection in the event of a frontal accident, the driver basically sat over the front axle with the steering wheel and windshield being the only thing separating them from the pavement.  Just climbing into a COE was an accident waiting to happen, and once inside, there was very little room because the engine was positioned between the driver and passenger seats, making the cab noisy and very hot.

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