Carrier Connection: Safety on the Road

When I started working with the Allen Lund Company 13 years ago, cell phones and mobile devices were just emerging and becoming a major part of this industry. These days, it is almost foreign to think that many drivers had to stop and use a payphone in order to communicate check calls every morning. It was not uncommon for brokers to patiently wait the majority of the day before hearing from a driver because they were in an area without payphone access. However, with the speedy incline of technical advances, things have certainly changed. We now live in a world of extreme connectivity. Smart phones have made calling, texting, and emailing possible from just about anywhere on the road. With so many secure options available for communication purposes, it is easy to become impatient when we cannot get in touch with someone right away. And while technology has allowed the industry to operate more efficiently thanks to greater connectivity, the changes have also led to a need for greater responsibility when it comes to safely navigating the roads.

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