Keeping It Fresh: Unethical Entrepreneurs (Part 1) 

Before working here, I never realized that food goods were such a hot commodity for thieves.  Most people outside of our industry have a hard time believing that food goods are so sought after by thieves, probably because it is easier to assume electronics and jewelry are higher on the list due to their worth.  When I first heard how much a full load of nuts were worth, I could hardly believe it.  I also soon learned what precautions nut shippers must take to protect their product from getting stolen.  For the most part, these preventative measures are quite helpful.  Unfortunately, thieves still tend to find their way in.  Interested to find out a little more, I found the 2013 Global Threat Assessment, created by Freight Watch.  It gave a global snapshot on the threat assessment of the transportation industry throughout the world.  I focused more on the assessment of the food and drink category in the United States.  To continue reading click here.