Kenny Lund, ALC Vice President of Support Operations contributes to Bill Martin’s article “Regulations Mount On Deregulated Trucking Industry” in the most recent issue of Produce Business.

“The location American Trucking Association reports a shortage of
roughly 20,000 truck drivers each year and says it is only going to get
worse. However, Kenny Lund, vice president of Allen Lund Co. of
LaCanada, CA, says the driver shortage is primarily with the larger
“If you have 300 trucks and you have to come up with 300 drivers
to fill those seats, you may have a driver shortage,” he states. “But
produce transportation is dominated by the owner-operator. An
owner-operator by definition doesn’t have a driver shortage. He is the
driver — the owner. He doesn’t have to recruit anyone. I don’t see this
as a driver shortage; it is whether [owner-operators] can continue to
exist in a highly regulated industry.”

The article (beginning on page 115) can be read in full by clicking here.