Carrier Connection: American’s Fruit & Salad Bowl

As anybody in this industry knows, California’s produce season is in full swing.  These are the days of plenty and it takes plenty to get that fresh produce onto our tables. From field production and harvest, to packing and cooling; from transportation and distribution to the retailer; then ultimately to you, the consumer.  All of this necessary handling along with rising fuel costs can increase the prices we pay at checkout.  But choosing carefully in the produce aisle can ultimately save you money.  Wait for a fruit or vegetable to come into its peak season then enjoy to your heart’s content.  The sheer volume of available product will naturally bring the prices down.  And this time of year you get your pick.  You can enjoy beautiful red ripe strawberries from Watsonville, juicy stone fruit, melons and grapes from the San Joaquin Valley and all your salad items from Salinas.  Your retailer or farmers market will have almost any type of lettuce or greens you can imagine along with succulent peaches, plump eggplants and sweet corn just to name a few.

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